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Leave the Cookie Cutter Designs to Actual Cookies

By Jeremy Letovsky, Commercial Lighting Manager

Design and architecture, though innovative in their own respects, can easily fall prey to cookie cutter methods as the industry currently moves at a speed unconducive to well thought out design. Lighting design has often been sacrificed in hotel and restaurant builds and renovations, due to the quick and tight deadlines of opening dates along with budget crunches of multifamily and commercial projects..

Architectural Profiles – F100 Suspension – Fase1

However, there is hope! North America has taken its styling cues from Europe after a few years of cultivation overseas, and with that come new and interesting design work. Clean and functional lighting design, with accent features and/or a statement piece are usually the keys to a successful and novel design. 

Route Lens – Fase1

Creativity in the actual lighting design sector needs to allow for considerable ingenuity to transform a space and to tell the story you want to tell, while taking budget into account. Toronto has been at the forefront of construction in North America, and the design firms I’ve had the pleasure of working with have really adapted some incredible design elements into their projects.

Bravo Recesed Spot – Fase1

This new way of lighting presented itself to us a couple of years ago and it has really changed the way we have been able to exhibit lighting in our product selection. Taking the best elements of traditional track lighting and the benefits of LED, we can now provide light in a truly creative manor while maintaining the integrity of the ceiling. This gives the design community an extra surface to work with, like a blank canvas. An entire lighting ecosystem located above the surface, while out of sight, provides a cool mystery factor while remaining completely functional and clean. I’ve jumped at the chance to do these design installations and loved playing around with each configuration.

Even now, I especially enjoy dealing with retail and restaurant environments where I have to take into consideration displays, traffic patterns, and ambiance. It really does something when you are able to give the designer a clean slate to create, knowing that functional lighting has already been implemented.

Possibilities. Fase1.

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