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Innovative slim linear connecting system, a perfect combination between tracks and LED fixtures. Its uniquely designed spot, panel and downlight modules are available for multi-task lighting requirements to the area. Emphasizing on characteristics and rapid installation of the fixtures, it also creates a simple and clean appearance.


The Route is the way to go when large lighting layouts need an architectural look. Whether it be lighting a grand entrance to your home or lighting the floor of your retail space, the Route has the flexibility to adapt to your lighting needs. 


The Mast collection, drawing inspiration from industrial piping, offers customization options at a new level. The flexibility of the Mast will meet all your creative needs. Design intricate forms moving different directions along your surface with this modern take on traditional track lights.


A new custom system for lighting, the minimalist Mucci collection features a black aluminum body, that’s now also available in white! Options include round and rectangular options to bring a sleek, contemporary design to multiple environments. Integrated LED lighting is built into the fixture frame to create one unified piece, with the option for an inner or outer glow in the circular chandeliers.  


 Beneath the surface sits the neoteric Subtrackt collection. This structural system is designed to seamlessly integrate into the architecture. The modules not only provide multiple beam angles, but there are also four specific ways to rotate and adjust, offering additional angles for a larger range of directional illumination with its special arm design.